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Our team at One Story has been working hard to support and equip you better. As part of this process we’ve developed a new website to help you access the content you are looking for, quicker and easier, and to help you find more resources to equip and train your leaders, parents, and community better. 

We’re also introducing a new subscription-based payment model.

The details:
We’ve launched our new website and platform, and will help you transition from our current website to the new website (believe me, you will want to make the change!).

To make this transition, you’ll be invited to subscribe to One Story so that you can continue to use the Jesus-centred curriculum that we’ve been creating for your kids and youth, and also contribute to the sustainability of this Kingdom resource, enabling even more churches to use it.

Our new subscription model starts on March 1, 2021, but we work at a church too, so we know that getting approval for spending money and working out budgets can take time. So if you need more time, you can choose to pay on April 1, 2021 (no that’s not a joke) or even May 1, 2021.

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Our subscription price is the same for each of the three age categories of curriculum we offer.

          Early Years – Ages 1-5
          Kids – Grades 1-5
          Junior High – Grades 6-8

The cost for an annual subscription to One Story curriculum (in Canadian dollars) is:

1 – 10 ……………………… $55/child
11 – 25 ……………………. $575
26 – 50 …………………. $775
51 – 100 ………………… $1,195
101 – 200 ……………… $1,395
201 – 500 …………….. $1,895
500+……………………… $2,095

We don’t want legitimate financial constraint to prevent our current users from transitioning to the new subscription model.  Talk to us to learn more.

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Our Message: Jesus is Lord and he loves you.

Our mission is to develop lifelong followers of Jesus. Our approach is to teach stories within the context of the overarching Biblical narrative, so that kids and youth can learn each story and how it connects into God’s story. We also want kids and youth to see where they fit into God’s story, and discover the role that God has for them as disciples of Jesus. Our teaching moves from the Old Testament, to the life of Jesus, to the early Church.

Each week, the teaching is composed of four key elements:
God Story: a story or passage from the Bible
Life Story: a real-life example that brings the Big Idea to life
My Story: application activities
Our Story: resources for families to use at home

When Jesus called his disciples to go make more disciples, I’m sure he didn’t intend for us to leave out the children. I’m so grateful for our curriculum team and the exciting discipleship tool they have created for churches and families.

– Bruxy Cavey
Author & Teaching Pastor
The Meeting House

The Meeting House Kids and Youth Curriculum is Jesus-centered, next generation focused, and easy to use. Plus they are so well done! Your church is missing out if you haven’t at least checked out these resources.

Rich Birch
Host of the unSeminary Podcast, Author, & Executive Director
Camp Mini-Yo-We

Very rarely do I trust a children’s curriculum wholeheartedly and without reserve and yet I do so with Meeting House’s curriculum. It’s consistently entertaining, well produced, and Jesus-centric. It’s hands down the best tool I can have to raise my children to be Kingdom-people.

– Osheta Moore
Author of “Shalom Sistas: Living Wholeheartedly in a Brokenhearted World”

I shared one of the video clips with my seven-year-old and he was busting out laughing in the first 30 seconds. The intermingling of the God story, Life story, and then My Story causes the life of God to become real in the lives of kids. I so appreciate the creativity and theological richness of this curriculum!

– Derek Vreeland
Discipleship Pastor
Word of Life Church, St. Joseph, Missouri

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