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E-Books for Your Kids

Every once in awhile you find a product, ministry, or idea that makes you say, “Yes, this! I love this!”

When I first encountered the amazing artwork and storytelling methods of Tiny Truths, that was my reaction. Right from the style, word choice, and clarity of storytelling, I fell into “deep like” with these stories. Sure, it helped that they are stories about Jesus!

If you haven’t yet, I’d love to introduce you to this fantastic company and let you see, hear, and know that they have amazing storybook apps as well as some fun colouring pages and crafts to access. Read about them below, and check them out more at 


~Natalie Frisk is the Curriculum Pastor at The Meeting House. She is married to Sam and mom to Erin, and child of God. Oh, and she loves apple juice and children’s books.


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