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Faithful: Our Story Continues…

Our Story Continues is our way to connect parents to what kids are talking about and experiencing in the Sunday morning teaching. We want to help to equip parents and spiritual parents with Scripture, talking points, and experiential activities to continue to disciple their kids well every day of the week.

Early Years

Series: Miracles
Summary: In this series, children will discover that one of the ways Jesus showed people that he is God was through miracles. Children will learn a few of the amazing miracles that Jesus performed while he was here on earth, and that Jesus did these things out of his great love for people.
Big Idea: Jesus shows us he is God. 
Key Verse: “All things are possible with God.” | Mark 10:27b 
God Story: Jesus Calms the Storm | Luke 8:22-25 
  1. SING Download “J-E-S-U-S” from The Meeting House Kids on Spotify or Apple Music or Google Play.
  2. READ the story of Jesus calming the storm from Luke 8:22-25 in a children’s Bible. If you have children who are 4-5 years old, ask them: How would you feel if there was a bad storm while you were on a boat? What did the disciples do when they were afraid? What did Jesus do? What can we do when we are afraid?
  3. PLAY by acting out the story. Pretend you are on a boat, or make one from couch cushions. Use a spray bottle for the storm.
  4. PRAY remind your little one that any time they are afraid, they can talk to Jesus. Practice this with them, and lead by example.
  5. MORE Download the midweek activity page.


Grades 1-5

Summary: Jesus showed us that he really is God’s Son through his teaching, great love, and miracles. His miracles weren’t just for a good show, but to pour his love and compassion on those who really needed it most. There was love and meaning wrapped in to each one. In this series, kids will learn through the miracles of Jesus and see his immense love for people. 
Series: Luke | Miracles
Big Idea: We can experience God’s love when we are faithful. 
God Story: A Roman Shows Faith | Luke 7:1-10 
Key Verse: “God is the Father who gives tender love. All comfort comes from him.” | 2 Corinthians 1:3 
  1. ASK your child: What do you think it means to be faithful? (Discuss) Who is someone we know who is really faithful to God?
  2. READ Luke 7:1-10 together. Then ASK: who asked Jesus for help? Why did they need help? What about that person amazed Jesus?
  3. WATCH the video teaching below with your family this week. Talk about the video as a family. What stood out to you? What did you like? What did you want to ask a question about? (Tip: If it’s helpful, consider pausing the video as you watch it together, and ask questions or talk about things that stick out to you as you go!)
  4. Download the midweek activity page.


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