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MUSIC: God Created the World

As we launch into a new month with a new series, we are back to the beginning with our preschoolers. Preschoolers are starting right at Genesis 1 with the good, good world that God created and placed us in. Click above to listen to a new song from The Meeting House Kids Music, God Created the World. It’s a great song to turn up and learn together, and it’s fun! Learn it with your preschoolers and kids of all ages!

God Created the World

by N.A.M.E. // The Meeting House Kids Music



God created the world


God created the world

Verse 1

On the first day God said, “Let there be light!”

And there was light (ahhhhhh!)

He said, “Let’s call this brightness ‘day’ and the dark we’ll call it ‘night’”


Verse 2

On the second day God made the waters divide

Both low and high (low and high)

He called the water below us sea

And above he named it sky (and it’s the limit, yeah!)


Verse 3

On the third day

God gathered the land

He called it earth (cool!)

He said, “Let it bring forth all kinds of plants”

They started growing right out of the dirt


Verse 4

On the fourth day, God thought there needs to be lights

In the night so that we can see (it’s so dark in here!)

So he shaped the moon and the millions of stars

To mark the days, months, years, and the seasons


Verse 5

On the fifth day God made the creatures that swim

And all the birds that fly

They travelled to the bottom of the

ocean deep and the top of the mountain high


Verse 6

On the sixth day God filled all of the land

With the animals he had in mind

And last but not least for God’s final feat

He gathered clay and he made humankind



And on day seven God rested up in heaven

Thinking, “For this boy and girl

I’ve made a good, good world!”

Verse 7

Have you ever made something out of nothing? (nope!)

It’s impossible to do!

But God made something out of nothing

God made the world, and me, and you



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