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Nobody at Church

When I was a kid, there was this poem by Shel Silverstein entitled “Nobody.” I have always loved this poem, and I re-read it recently and thought about the church. I think we often forget who the people are behind the scenes, who make things happen, who serve, give, plan, practice, and care. It is very easy, especially as a child, to think church on Sunday or midweek things just happen. It is easy to think that nobody is behind these things, working tirelessly and with great intention and love, but the truth is all of those nobodies are somebody, and they are a part of the body of Christ.

To offer a very different genre to this blog today, here is a parody poem:

Nobody at Church
(a parody of Shel Silverstein’s Nobody)

Nobody loves Jesus.
Nobody cares.
Nobody attends home church,
Nobody dares.

Nobody offers Jesus their first fruits,
Nobody serves or gives one or two hoots.
Nobody helps at set up or tear down,
Nobody cares if that font is red or poop-brown,

Nobody calls when you miss a week,
Nobody likes to exegete ’cause nobody’s a geek.
Nobody worships, and nobody prays,
Nobody fasts nor teaches kids these days.

So if you ask me who I’d like to join me in church,
I’ll tell you every time, nobody – that’s who will help me in a lurch.
Nobody loves our neighbours, Nobody loves the Lord,
Nobody would like to see ploughshares made of every sword.

Please join us and be a nobody, too,
because we know that you’re really somebody – it’s true.
In the body of Christ, the family we’re apart,
You’re a somebody wonderful; so let’s hit restart:

Somebody loves Jesus.
Somebody cares.
Somebody attends home church,
Somebody dares.

Somebody offers Jesus their first fruits,
Somebody serves and gives one or two hoots.
Somebody helps at set up and tear down,
Somebody cares if that font is red or poop-brown,

Somebody calls when you miss a week,
Somebody likes to exegete because somebody’s a geek.
Somebody worships, and somebody prays,
Somebody fasts and loves to teach kids these days.

I’ve been praying for somebody, praying for you,
Because you have value here no matter what you do.


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